Sunday, March 6, 2011

'Cuse Closet: Simply Sweet and Chic

'Cuse Closet peeks inside the staff's wardrobes to find out where we're going and how good we look getting there.

The Craze and Designer Confidential writer Christina Riggio knows how to look chic while staying comfortable. Her outfit is perfect for a lunch date, interview, or just a day full of classes.

The jet-black blazer sets the tone for her outfit. It helps dress up her look and instantly transforms it from casual to chic. Her nude top provides a deep contrast against the black blazer and is visually appealing. She wears skinny jeans in a dark wash for a polished and mod look. However, it is the subtle touches that tie this outfit together.

The touch of lace adds a feminine touch to her outfit without looking overly girly. Her ballet flats pick up the black in her blazer, while the small bows with a golden middle ties in with her simple yet elegant gold bracelets. Overall, her look is sophisticated but not overdone. The sleeves of her blazer are rolled up for a casual look while the blazer itself dresses up her outfit. With her bright smile and glossy locks, she is perfectly accessorized.

Blazer: Aqua

Top: J.Crew

Jeans: J Brand

Flats: Coach

Bracelets: Juicy Couture

-Brittany Fowler

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