Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rag Report: Alexa Chung

Model, contributing editor, and American TV presenter, Alexa Chung takes the world by storm with her clever fashion takes and personal style. Although she may have a typical model body—tall, slender and fair skinned, she does not dress as a typical fashionista. Her boyish combat boots, boyfriend cut denim shorts and choppy short hair causes her to have a rougher, less feminine look. Her look in this spread contrasts sharply with her edgy demeanor.

Girly, feminine and chic are three words to best describe Alexa’s most recent Teen Vogue fashion spread in October 2011. Photographer Paola Kudacki posed Chung in the popular Long Island beach, Southampton. Using the concept of an Indian summer for the shoot, Kudacki captured the essence of summer freedom, childhood dreams, and Chung’s fashion forward nature.

Below, Chung is showed posing on a carousel. Chung is clinging onto a golden pole with one hand while doing the classic knee pop. Her simple black dress is used as a background for her ravishing yellow fur coat. Her chained necklace and combat-esque boots add flavor to the overall outfit. Chung is staring straight at the camera as though she has a mysterious thought going on in her mind. Her hair is quickly tossed with mousse—simple, yet elegant.

This next photo is an up close of Chung and a mysterious male figure. Though Chung’s outfit can barely be seen, she is wearing a crème colored turtleneck that flows into the background color of the sand. Chung’s hair is placed up in a ballerina bun with her bangs flowing on top of her face. She is staring at the camera in an almost seductive way. The background of the beach is a blur and blends in with Chung’s skin tone.

The final photo from this shoot is a close up of Chung. Only one of her eyes can be seen, her short, simple, brown hair covers the other. She is staring at the camera and smiling which brings out the brightness of the yellow flower she is holding. Her white shirt pops out with the green background and the black bows add a touch of girly essence.

Stephanie Smith

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